Slices cut bricks are derived from the old Prussian, hand-molded bricks baked in kilns, which are characterized by high quality, unique structure, colors and irregular shapes.


Bricks slices are ideal for use in interior premises, which gives the room a unique character.


Giving full effect of the wall from brick. They can be painted as needed.

Dimensions of a slice around: 1,9cm x 6-7cmx25x27 cm
On the one square meter need of 52 pieces.
You can order a portion of the outer slices from bricks or the inner part of the plate
The cost of 1m2 – internal slice – 45 PLN
The cost of 1m2 – external slice -65 PLN
The cost of transport / delivery shall be borne by the buyer – 1m2 weight – about 2.5 kg

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