We are a Polish company with long experience in the manufacture of
wood-fired pizza stoves.
In our country, we have produced dozens of our furnaces, which significantly
contributed to the success of our customers.
FORNO stoves are made of the latest technology, which is used widely in Italy and in the world,
Fireclay materials used to manufacture furnaces are of the highest quality, confirmed by appropriate certificates.
Our ovens superbly cumulative heat which translates into a small wood consumption and a quick baking pizza.
Pizzas baked in our ovens have a unique taste and aroma. These ovens can bake not only pizza but a whole range of foods such as meat, vegetables, pasta, bread, bagels.
As the only in Poland, our ovens operate at shopping centers, have passed the rigorous process of checking quality and safety.
Furnace housing may be different depending on your needs, the interior design of the place, which we agree individually with the investors.

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