Professional ovens for pizzerias and restaurants – F Series:
Furnace F-130 for baking 6-7 pieces of pizzas at a time
Outer dimensions 160 x 160 cm
Inner dimensions fi 130 cm
Includes flue, the front door of the furnace from bricks.
Price – 6700 PLN net (without housing)


Furnace F-100 for baking 4-5 pieces of pizzas at a time
Outer dimensions 130 x 130 cm
Inner dimensions fi 100 cm
Includes flue and the front door.
Price – 5600 PLN net (without housing)


Our ovens can be placed on the basis of previously prepared by the customer or our company can comprehensively put the stove with the base and the housing (previously agreed with the investor) in any specified location.


Small ovens for baking pizza and bread to the garden, house or farm tourism in the Bandalejka series.
Complete Fire-clay oven with housing,
insulation, a thermometer, a door
and the tube cap ready to work
Price 1950 PLN net


Or pizza ovens for building with a flue and doors:
Set of the blades to work + wedge
Set of blades – 350 PLN
Wedge – 50 PLN


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